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Rope Collar | ID Collar

Rope Collar | ID Collar

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Our Classic ID Collar is ideal for those dogs who wear a harness, alternate between a harness and collar or for dogs you want to ensure are safely tagged with ID whilst they are at home. ID collars are designed to slip over your dogs head and are intended to be worn for identification purposes only, via attachment of an ID tag. They are not designed for lead attachment. 

Please refer to our rope leads page for colour references; click here. (Collar photographed is in colour 'Pearl'. Dog tag not included, please click here for our 'You & Me' dog tag and keyring)

Please note that all of our rope collars are made to measure and it is therefore important to provide an accurate a measurement as possible. 

*How to measure for your ID collar

Important: Please provide us with an actual measurement of your dogs head/neck and not that of an existing collar length. Our measurements are based on the inner circumference of the rope collar which will differ from the overall length of a standard flat collar, given the ropes thickness (10mm).

Measure the circumference around the widest point (usually the forehead) of your dogs head and under the chin. This measurement is essential in order to ensure the collar will slip over your dog’s head. If your dog’s head is smaller than their neck measurement, please provide their neck measurement instead.


- Solid brass O-rings for easy attachment of tags and/or leads.

- Solid brass swivel clip 


- Authentic paracord rope

- Solid brass hardware

- Waxed cord stitching

Care Instructions

1. Gently rinse with water

2. Soak in cold or warm water with a gentle detergent or fairy liquid

3. Clean gently with your hands or a gentle sponge as to not fray the material

4. Rinse with water

5. Hang to dry

Disclaimer: Please be advised that no accessory is indestructible. As the consumer, you are responsible for determining the suitability of our products for your pup and checking regularly for any wear and tear, replacing when necessary.

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