About Us


Welcome to Mutterly Fabulous - a fun-loving brand created to provide fabulously fun and stylish accessories for our wonderful companions. We hope to bring you something a little different for your everyday adventures, combining unique & noteworthy designs with the essential need for practicality. 

A little bit about me - I previously worked in the Construction Industry as a Structural Engineer for 7 years. Then came Covid-19, redundancy and a puppy- the saving grace in a testing period of time! Thus, introducing Mabel, my inspiration for Mutterly Fabulous. Mischievous and endearing, she has brought sunshine into our lives and I wouldn’t be without her now!

A complete jump from my previous career, but I truly love what I’m doing now. I have always had a creative flair and an eye for design. I’ve also always wanted my own dog. Win, win! Put the two together and I now feel that I’ve found a true passion. I have so many exciting ideas evolving in my head and I cannot wait to bring these all to life for you to enjoy!

We hope to see you all looking fabulous soon!


Ellen (& Mabel) x