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Dual Dog Lead Splitter

Dual Dog Lead Splitter

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Our lead splitters are perfect for walking multiple dogs at one time. Attach your standard lead to the lead splitter to enable an easy solution to walking two dogs together, without an extra lead.

Approx. 50cm per split as standard. If you require a different length please contact us via the contact form prior to ordering.

Photo shows our lead splitter in the colour Hunter


- 2-way split to enable walking of 2 dogs at one time

- Solid brass swivel clips


- Authentic paracord rope

- Solid brass hardware

- Waxed cord stitching

Care Instructions

Care for me:

1. Gently rinse with water

2. Soak in cold or warm water with a gentle detergent or fairy liquid

3. Clean gently with your hands or a gentle sponge as to not fray the material

4. Rinse with water

5. Hang to dry

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