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Fabric Lead - Peak Perfect

Fabric Lead - Peak Perfect

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Blues, greens, purples, yellows - this design has it all! Beautiful colours forming beautiful peaks. Our Peak Perfect design delivers the favourite zig zag pattern with class and style. It definitely has that luxury feel!

All of our fabric leads feature a dual handle design offering an easily accessible close control handle for those moments you need to hold your pup that little bit closer. Whether it be crossing the road, passing a fellow pup or simply practicing heel work, the dual handle is there for you to make everyday adventures 'a walk in the park'. Dual handle = game changer!


- Dual handle design

- Padded mesh handle with signature logo

- D-ring for attachment of poo bags

- 150cm length


- Durable polyester print lead/ neoprene fabric

- Soft neoprene padded handle with our MF signature

Care Instructions

1. Gently rinse with water

2. Treat with a detergent

3. Wash with water

4. Leave to dry

Want to complete this fabulous look? Check out our matching harness and seatbelts for a full set!

Disclaimer: Please be advised that no accessory is indestructible. As the consumer, you are responsible for determining the suitability of our products for your pup and checking regularly for any wear and tear, replacing when necessary.

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