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Mutterly Fabulous

The Christmas Bundle

The Christmas Bundle

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Want to treat your pup? Our Christmas bundles are the perfect gift for your best friend. Get ready for Christmas in Mutterly Fabulous style!

Our bundles include our gorgeous Driving home for Christmas blankets and bandanas as well as one of our favourite Christmas toys - Bruce the Spruce by Green & Wilds.


Driving home for Christmas blanket

Get ready for the festive season with our super soft and cosy Driving home for Christmas blankets. Perfect for your pups bed or crate, as well as to protect furniture and car seats. Get ready to snuggle up on Christmas eve!

100% polyester


100 x 70cm


Driving home for Christmas bandana

Our bandanas are a one size fits all design. Simply fold in half diagonally and roll to suit!

100% cotton


50 x 50cm square. Suitable for all neck sizes up to a maximum of 52cm.


Bruce the Spruce by Green & Wilds

An eco toy for you and your dog to have lots of fun with, whilst being safe in the knowledge that it is made from natural, renewable and recyclable materials.

Made from sustainable jute which is a natural plant fibre and covered in a soft suede. It is robust and produced without using any added compound that would harm or be released when chewed. Jute is 100% biodegradable. The suede is a by-product and ensures this material is not wasted.

Bruce is 25 cm (10") long, and 12.5cm (5") at its widest point.

This product is a play toy only and not a food product. Pets should always be supervised when playing with toys. Remove if your dog tries to swallow piece or chunks. No toy is indestructible.


Disclaimer: Please be advised that no accessory is indestructible. As the consumer, you are responsible for determining the suitability of our products for your pup and checking regularly for any wear and tear, replacing when necessary. For our full disclaimer statement please click here.



- 2-way split to enable walking of 2 dogs at one time

- Solid brass swivel clips


- Authentic paracord rope

- Solid brass hardware

- Waxed cord stitching

Care Instructions

Care for me:

1. Gently rinse with water

2. Soak in cold or warm water with a gentle detergent or fairy liquid

3. Clean gently with your hands or a gentle sponge as to not fray the material

4. Rinse with water

5. Hang to dry

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